I shouldn’t be doing this.

What I should be doing involves a big headache worth of solving polynomials. What the heck. Math frustrates me to no end! I will never in my life decide to use these stupid formulas to solve a problem. ever. Even if I did understand how to solve these things, I know that if the time arose where I would need to use it to solve something, I will have forgotten it by then. I will solve it the long way. The way my ancestors did, damnit. The way the brain naturally wishes to solve these things. Maybe I’d draw it up and add stuff here and delete stuff there, but I’d get it done. This class really is going to be a total of 5 weeks of me being negative about it. I just suck at it. And I suck at it because I don’t believe in it.

Anyways, I can’t find my glasses. I can barely see the screen now, but those polynomial equation things have me really straining to figure out which number/letter it is, and you know, I just can’t afford to compromise my vision. Not at my age.

I’m really annoyed with the last post. That it was so long ago (not its fault, I know), and that the pictures were placed that way. I’ve already made a mental note not to use the iPad for posting unless the app is improved. Ahh, technology… here, I’ll rant about it: I have a love/hate relationship going on right now. I sometimes want to throw my phone in the garbage disposal. It bugs me all day. Now the school has a way to send me up-to-the-minute updates about all things school. I don’t like how often I roll my eyes at my phone. I used to enjoy it so much. Then there’s these reminders I’ve set up for myself. “You have to be on a schedule,” I said to myself. Everyone else is doing it and look how productive they are. Well you know what? If I’m truly enjoying my hot cup of tea or coffee and listening to the birds and my kids run around outside, I don’t want to be reminded that I haven’t wiped down the counters, cleaned out my sink of dirty dishes, swept, start washing machine. I’m obeying these reminders because I paid money for the stupid app, and because I know it works, so I drop whatever it is I’m enjoying doing and I do what my phone says. Usually.  I have to find a solution to this. Yes, I’m more productive, my home is a little less messy; but now I HATE my phone!!

There is a system by someone called the FlyLady that I am going to attempt to adopt. That website is really cluttered and I don’t like it, but I thought I’d link since I was mentioning it. Besides that though, the system seems good for me. And it involves mostly real paper and a pen, so I can go back to using my phone only for leisure and get back to the loving relationship I once had with it. I may or may not try this out. I may or may not write about it.

I feel better tonight. This wasn’t a complete waste of time because I actually enjoy doing this. Plus I’ll do anything to get out of (blegh) homework (blegh).

One thought on “I shouldn’t be doing this.

  1. Rosie i’m reminded of why i love you so much. You never fail to make me laugh /smile. Haha Love the post, hate the “I’m getting old” comment

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